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New Blood Needed!


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Only joking! We haven't killed anybody - yet! ... On the other hand, many of us have been dancing rapper for years, and Bristol Rapper is now suffering from what is commonly known as an "ageing population". It's true that in recent times we've had the benefit of enthusiastic "second generation" members. The downside is that these younger members tend to go off to college or university just at the point when they are becoming really useful to us. An input of new members is therefore vital to ensure the long-term continuity of this important English tradition in Bristol.

Morris Dancer

If you've previously taken part in other forms of traditional dancing (Morris, clog dancing, step dancing etc.) you'll have a good head start. Naturally, if you've danced rapper before (perhaps when living in another area) we would particularly like to hear from you.

L-Plate (or Learner-Plate)

But what if you are a complete beginner? Don't worry, you'll still be made very welcome. Don't let the apparent complexity of what we do put you off! You will need to be reasonably fit, and have (or be able to develop) an ear for the music in order to be able to keep in time with it. The rest is just down to practice and dedication, and above all - enjoyment!

So how DO you learn to do it?


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First, you must learn the stepping. Not too difficult, it just needs a lot of practice. Once someone has shown you what to do, you can go off on your own and practice in the privacy of your own home - or perhaps while waiting at the bus-stop , if you're the extrovert type!

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Each dance is broken down into easily-managed sections called figures. Figures are best learnt with existing members at practice sessions. In a learning situation, a figure is explained, then "walked-through". This is repeated until major errors are eliminated. The figure is then practised at dance-speed, with the music. Having mastered one figure, this process is reiterated for the second and third figures etc. Figures are then progressively combined, until the entire dance is mastered.

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Please note that, like Bristol Morris Men, Bristol Rapper is a men's rapper side. To find a morris or rapper Side in your area (including women's and mixed sides), please click the link below:

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