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Sword Dancers

Where do we do it?

Mostly in and around Bristol (a large city in the south-west of England, in the UK).
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Rapper Practices
We meet for practices at St. Elizabeth's Hall, Hambrook, Bristol BS16 1RT

  St. Elizabeth's Hall

The hall is situated on the west side of the Old Gloucester Road (B4427), at the northern side of its junction with Hambrook Lane.
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If coming via the M4 motorway, please note that there is no direct access from Junction 19.

The hall doesn't have a car park, but it's usually possible to park by the verge on the north side of Hambrook Lane.

Rapper Pub Tours
Each year we aim to run about four Pub Tours, each tour comprising four or five pubs. Where possible, we arrange a tour with all pubs being within walking distance of each other. Drinking beer between dances is usual, though not compulsory.

By tradition, our first tour of the year is organised by the Bristol Rapper captain, Grant Glanville, and includes pubs on St Michael's Hill, central Bristol. For those that don't know it, it's quite steep. Although the actual pubs visited changes slightly from year to year, the tour always goes in a downhill direction!

The remaining tours are organised by other Bristol Rapper members, on a rough rota basis. These tours will either be in one of the central districts of Bristol, or in rural areas, near the city.

Apart from the need to gain the landlord's permission, a rapper tour-pub needs a clear floor area (minimum, about three paces square), which needs to be suitable for stepping. A suspended wooden floor is ideal. Time was when most pubs had at least one bar with such a floor, but sadly this is no longer the case. The following table can be taken as rough guide to suitability!


Pub Floor

Rapper Rating

Floorboards (on suspended wooden floor).

Rapper Sword Lock

Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock
Flagstones. Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock  
Solid floor with vinyl, lino, laminate etc. Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock    
Cheap, thin carpet. Rapper Sword Lock Rapper Sword Lock      
Deep-pile carpet. Rapper Sword Lock        
Pub Sign - "George and Dragon"
Bristol Rapper is also available (by arrangement) for festivals, ceilidhs and other events.

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